Friday, February 27, 2009

Jesse riding his bike & random pics.

It has been really nice weather lately so the kids have been out side riding their bikes. Jesse is doing such a good job for it being his first time on one! Payton is a really big help too, if he gets stuck she gets off her bike and gives him a push. Logen tries to keep up but they are to fast for him, he has fun getting in their way!

When we were in St. George we went to the park to try to wear out the kids. We had a ton of fun here are some pics!

Rae and I played some football, we tried to kick it back and forth too. Oh man! My leg killed me for like 2 days after too!

Don't I look so graceful!

Logen loved this slide, all he did the entire time we were there was go down this slide. He looked so cute!!

Jesse did it a couple times with him, he mostly just ran all over the place and chased Uncle Wesley around!

Payton was pretty good at this balance beam, she did it a couple of times and old fell like once. She did really good, I think gymnastics may be in her future!!


Anngee and Shane said...

That's great that he is loving his bike. He wouldn't be Jesse boy if he wasn't reeking a little havoc on the others. Looks like fun!

hippyrochelle said...

I love how Jesse always has that menacing smile on his face.....he looks evil! It looks like you guys had tons of fun in St. george. P.s. I love that pic on the side of Payton, I never noticed it before. Is it new? She is one cute girl!

H.L. said...

Better get Payton signed up now.

Glad you had a good time visiting your family.

Hope the nice weather stays.

Dawny said...

The pictures are so much fun to look at. It looks like your kids are enjoying the good weather. Me and your dad saw Bill today,while we were walking the dogs, he asked if we had seen Rae yet, we said not yet. So he said they would try and bring her by sometime.

kimi said...

It is a new picture of Payton, I took while we were in St. George!