Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lots of pic's from a wedding!

On June 18 Jesse's cousin Cassie was married, we took lots of pictures. So I thought I would share!

Rae Cassie and Payton

Rae, Bethanie (Cassie's sister) and Payton

Jesse's Grandma Zella, Rae, Jesse, and Payton

John (Jess's Dad) and Zella

Shirlene (Jesse's Mom) and Payton

Rae and Shirlene

Jesse and the boys

This is Rebecca, she was Rae's preschool teacher when she was 3-4

They were so happy to see each other!

Makin Funny faces

Rae and I

Absolutely love this picture!

Caught Red Handed!!!!

Payton hanging with the girls, telling them which one she thought was the Best Bridesmaid!

And finally, the fireworks after the show!!

So there ya go, Hope you enjoyed the show!