Sunday, August 22, 2010


So its been a long time so I figured I would give y'all a little update on our life for the time being.

The kids started school Rae went into 6th grade, her last year in elementary school. Her teacher is from Southern Africa, his name is Mr. Raubenheimer, he is an awesome teacher and she really likes him. She is on the safety patrol this year too, she is full of all sorts of new responsibilities.

Payton in now in 2nd grade, her teacher was a first grade teacher last year so kind of knows her a little. Her name is Mrs. Coley and she is very nice and Payton really likes her too. Payton's last teacher in St. George was very rude and pessimistic, so I'm glade she has someone who is very optimistic this year!

My Jesse boy started Kindergarten this year, he has the same kindergarten teacher Payton had so he knows her real well. Her name is Mrs. Taintor, she said he is way above bench mark and is transitioning very well to school. Jesse loves it and has made tons of new friends, he is also the biggest kid in his class, he towers over everyone in there, he is almost as tall as his teacher!!

Logen is jealous and wants to go to school so bad, we leave the school and the rest of the afternoon he asks when do we go pick up Ja James (what he calls Jesse) He is getting so big it makes me so sad my baby is almost 4!

So as for the house, it still hasn't sold, so we did a little improvement to see if it would help!



Closer up so you can see the color better.

So for 1 I don't recommend doing it all by hand and rolling it, it took forever and we ended up way burnt. We did however save a ton of money on paint, if we were to have spayed it we would have used a lot more paint, we were told it would take 5-5 gallon bucket to spray it or 3-5 gallon buckets to roll it. If you can't tell the color is a Moss Green with a lighter Green for the trim. We originally were going to do the trim white but it looked to bright we went back through and painted it green.

So what do you think??