Sunday, October 21, 2012

Family Pictures

My friend from school Ruben, was doing a contest on Facebook for a free photo shoot, and I won! Here are the pics from the session!

The Family!

Jesse and I
Jess and the Girls!

My Boys and I
Me and Jesse

My girls and I
The Boys!

Thursday, September 6, 2012


So we have been here in West Jordan for a few months now. The kids are back in school, I had a job and quit, and Jesse's job has been crazy.

The 3 little ones are back at Oquirrh and all three love their teacher's. Payton's is an retired Air force  Master Sargent. She is awesome and Payton gets along great with her, no crying so far this year...yay!!! Jesse has the same teacher Rae had in 5th grade, she has just recently switched to 2nd grade. he really likes her and is doing amazing as always. Logen started Kindergarten and is the most popular kid, from the first day he made friends with everyone. He loves school and can't wait to go every day. They are all off track right now and go back on track on Monday....yay!!!

Rae is now in Middle school, which is still so crazy to me, I can't believe she is in 8th grade. She is in Honors Math (last years she was the only one in all of her school to score 100% on the Math CRT tests), she is taking French and LOVES it. She is also in Advanced Orchestra, she plays the Viola and kicks butt.

I got a job at Fairchild with Bertney, I loved it, I could stay awake all night ,and was told I was doing great. Then we had some issues with the times of my working and the times of Jesse working,  with everything we tried, it just wouldn't work. I gave them a week, and then during my last week, there was issues. Bertney came in to help one night for overtime and found me alone in my bey. Which is a bad thing for someone who had only been working there 3 weeks. My Trainer was off helping other people instead of me and this pissed off Bertney there were words between Bert and my trainer and I didn't go back the next day! I really appreciate Bert for helping me get the job there, just sad it didn't work out.

Jesse has been plumbing a Walmart on Parleys Way off Foothill (it was an old Kmart) at first he was working with Best Plumbing, but after about a month and a half, his boss was kicked off the job. The company that hired Best Plumbing, ACME, hired on Jesse just to finish the job, and ended up really liking him and now he is a full time employee there. They want this Walmart to be open before Halloween so he has been working tons of overtime and very late nights. Up next is a huge apartment complex in Woodcross.

I am so excited for Fall, it is my all time favorite time of year and I have been doing lots of crafts I found on Pinterest, I LOVE this site. I only wish I had a bigger place , a house would be lovely! Then I could paint the window! Our lease is up in December so I have been looking around to see whats out there, not much in West Jordan, hoping more thing open up closer to Dec.

Until next time! :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Spring Pictures

So here are the new Spring pictures, I'm not sure i like the new Photography company here that's doing them. They turned out okay, but I like Lifetouch better!!

Here is the beautiful Miss Rae!

The close up!

The lovely Miss Payton!

Such a cutie pie!

My handsome Lil' Man Jesse!

He is getting so big!

I do like that they do more then one pose though.

My baby, Logen

He is getting so big....too!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hot off the Press.....................

We are moving again, But not where you all may think!

So about two weeks ago Jesse was called by an old friend, he had recommended Jesse for a job where he worked. We thought about but were not quite sure if it was the right choice, his job at TIC working at the Molycorp mine was ending in September. He would then be going to either, Battle Mtn, North Dakota, Colorado, Texas, or Arizona. None of these places really peaked an interest in us, so Jesse decided to give the "new job" a call back and get some further information. After a lot of talk we decided that with this new job came lots of pluses, and only a few negatives. TIC, he will still be gone all week and only come home on weekends, moving every 6-8 months, and not as much pay. With the "new job" he would be getting a $7.00 raise, he would get to come home every night, work with people he likes and respects and we would be near family.

So we are moving ....................................................back to West Jordan!! Jesse was offered a job at Best Plumbing Inc. We are all very excited!! Especially the kids!! We have a place at The Ridge @ Jordan Landing its off 7000 south and just west of Bangerter Hwy. Jesse starts his job on Tuesday the 15th. of this month. The rest of us will be there by the 24th. So MARK, no more talking about how I moved 'cause I hated my family!!!  Now we are moving back and I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

10 years ago today...........

10 years ago today two people came into my life and forever changed it. A handsome young man who happened to be a single father to a beautiful little girl.I will never forget the day she walked in my front door. She had pretty blonde hair and the biggest caramel colored eyes that would completely disappear when she smiled.She had the cutest chipmunk cheeks and the sweetest little voice. I was so scared she wouldn't like me, but by the end of the night I knew she was someone special. I love my Rae so very much and I am so proud to be her Momma. Her daddy is such an amazing man who has truly showed me everyday what real love is. He had the longest and reddest goatee I had ever seen, but that's not what I noticed first. he has the prettiest blue eyes and the longest eyelashes The most adorable half smile, and a laugh that still melts my heart. He is the very best thing that has ever happened to me, without him I have nothing. Thank you so much for calling me that night Jesse, you changed my life and I love you more then you will ever know. You are so much more then just my Husband!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Zip Line!

So there are 3 business men from St. George, Utah that started this Zip Line and take it throughout the country.

I wanted to do it the second I read about it, thought it sounding like so much fun! So yesterday myself, Rae and Della decided we would go. Payton was sick so she had to stay home but Jesse and Logen went, but they chickened out! Rae's little sis and bro Lilly and Rion went on it, it was so much fun, here are some pics.

The Zip line 50 feet high 700 feet long

At the top getting ready to go

Rae and Della being dorks

Rae and Della

Cute girl!!!!

Rae with her lil sis Lilly

Rae's lil bro Rion getting ready to go



Me with Lilly, Rae with Rion.

The first jump Della was to scared to jump and had to be pushed off. I went with NO problem, Rae, it just took her a little bit to get the courage to go, but she did. The second time we were all ready to go at the same time to see who would win. We all took off but I was pulled back......he forgot to undo my safety line!!!! Needless to say I didn't win!! It was a blast and I cant wait to do it again when Jesse comes home on Sunday!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Havin' fun

So we get pretty board around our house and needed something fun to do. I decided I would dye my hair, Rae helped me pick out the color. I found it is very heard to dye your own hair, especially when its practically down to you booty! It turned out okay!! When Rae was with me she had asked if she thought her Daddy would let her dye her hair......he said yes!!! Only as long as it was a normal/natural hair color.

So here is the before.

And the after!

She was so super excited and it was so much fun to do it for her. I love having Daughters!!

It's just about the same color as her Grandma Erickson's, without the gray! ;)

Update on Jesse: He likes his job okay but it is super tiring. He said it is cold but he's been getting sunburned at the same time. I swear his neck and arms are purple! His brother Wesley got on as a Iron worker, at the same Mine, so they ride up to work together. He tries to come home on weekends to visit but we are gonna go to every other weekend now..... :(

We have decided to wait out the school year so we can get some bills paid off and other thing squared away. So it's looking like the 24th of May is the last day of school, here's to hoping the next 12 weeks go by as fast as possible!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This is Rae playing in Southern Utah Performing Arts Festival. First is Scarborough Fair, then Burst. I thought they did very good for being beginners. She is 4th from the left, front row, playing the Viola!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Jesse's Job

As some of you know Jesse got a job. He is working at The Molycorp Mine in Mountain Pass California. It is about 60 miles south of Las Vegas. Here is some info about the mine he is working on.

He wont be working IN the mine, he will be constructing building's around it. First he is working on the Water Treatment Plant as a Carpenter. He is going to have some crazy hours, it will be changing depending on how quickly they want things done. So right now its 6~10 hour days Sunday off. Then it will be 13~10 hour days and 1 day off. Crazy!!!

He is super excited to be starting something new and even more happy to be moving out of Utah!! One thing I am NOT happy about( other then the obvious of him being there & me being here) He is working at a mine!!! They have to be fitted with a "gas mask" in case they hit something "dangerous". The mask has to have full skin contact, which facial hair!!!!!!!! This makes me so sad, I have never seen the man without it, it will take some getting use to for sure!

So the rest of us are hoping to be down there sometime in March. I can hardly wait. After 3 years of having him around ALL the time. It will be very hard to not get to see him til March!!

So, hope all the rest of you are doing great!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Rae turned 13!!!!

Our Rae turned 13, can you believe it?? I can't! She is such an amazing young lady, so beautiful and such a warm, loving person. I know I haven't been there from the very beginning, but it sure does feel like it! She is my little girl, with the chubby cheeks and cute little voice! I love her so much and could not be more proud of her!

Here is a little video I made for her, it's about 23 minutes but fun to watch!!

Hope you like it!

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On another note, My Jesse got a job!!!!!! He will be working on the Mountain Pass job on the boarder of Nevada and California! He starts on Monday! So........Henderson, Nevada here we come!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I was always taught, "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all"

So there ya go, I'm not saying anything!!!!
That's just how I feel right now!