Thursday, April 26, 2012

10 years ago today...........

10 years ago today two people came into my life and forever changed it. A handsome young man who happened to be a single father to a beautiful little girl.I will never forget the day she walked in my front door. She had pretty blonde hair and the biggest caramel colored eyes that would completely disappear when she smiled.She had the cutest chipmunk cheeks and the sweetest little voice. I was so scared she wouldn't like me, but by the end of the night I knew she was someone special. I love my Rae so very much and I am so proud to be her Momma. Her daddy is such an amazing man who has truly showed me everyday what real love is. He had the longest and reddest goatee I had ever seen, but that's not what I noticed first. he has the prettiest blue eyes and the longest eyelashes The most adorable half smile, and a laugh that still melts my heart. He is the very best thing that has ever happened to me, without him I have nothing. Thank you so much for calling me that night Jesse, you changed my life and I love you more then you will ever know. You are so much more then just my Husband!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Zip Line!

So there are 3 business men from St. George, Utah that started this Zip Line and take it throughout the country.

I wanted to do it the second I read about it, thought it sounding like so much fun! So yesterday myself, Rae and Della decided we would go. Payton was sick so she had to stay home but Jesse and Logen went, but they chickened out! Rae's little sis and bro Lilly and Rion went on it, it was so much fun, here are some pics.

The Zip line 50 feet high 700 feet long

At the top getting ready to go

Rae and Della being dorks

Rae and Della

Cute girl!!!!

Rae with her lil sis Lilly

Rae's lil bro Rion getting ready to go



Me with Lilly, Rae with Rion.

The first jump Della was to scared to jump and had to be pushed off. I went with NO problem, Rae, it just took her a little bit to get the courage to go, but she did. The second time we were all ready to go at the same time to see who would win. We all took off but I was pulled back......he forgot to undo my safety line!!!! Needless to say I didn't win!! It was a blast and I cant wait to do it again when Jesse comes home on Sunday!!