Thursday, March 1, 2012

Havin' fun

So we get pretty board around our house and needed something fun to do. I decided I would dye my hair, Rae helped me pick out the color. I found it is very heard to dye your own hair, especially when its practically down to you booty! It turned out okay!! When Rae was with me she had asked if she thought her Daddy would let her dye her hair......he said yes!!! Only as long as it was a normal/natural hair color.

So here is the before.

And the after!

She was so super excited and it was so much fun to do it for her. I love having Daughters!!

It's just about the same color as her Grandma Erickson's, without the gray! ;)

Update on Jesse: He likes his job okay but it is super tiring. He said it is cold but he's been getting sunburned at the same time. I swear his neck and arms are purple! His brother Wesley got on as a Iron worker, at the same Mine, so they ride up to work together. He tries to come home on weekends to visit but we are gonna go to every other weekend now..... :(

We have decided to wait out the school year so we can get some bills paid off and other thing squared away. So it's looking like the 24th of May is the last day of school, here's to hoping the next 12 weeks go by as fast as possible!!