Sunday, October 21, 2012

Family Pictures

My friend from school Ruben, was doing a contest on Facebook for a free photo shoot, and I won! Here are the pics from the session!

The Family!

Jesse and I
Jess and the Girls!

My Boys and I
Me and Jesse

My girls and I
The Boys!

Thursday, September 6, 2012


So we have been here in West Jordan for a few months now. The kids are back in school, I had a job and quit, and Jesse's job has been crazy.

The 3 little ones are back at Oquirrh and all three love their teacher's. Payton's is an retired Air force  Master Sargent. She is awesome and Payton gets along great with her, no crying so far this year...yay!!! Jesse has the same teacher Rae had in 5th grade, she has just recently switched to 2nd grade. he really likes her and is doing amazing as always. Logen started Kindergarten and is the most popular kid, from the first day he made friends with everyone. He loves school and can't wait to go every day. They are all off track right now and go back on track on Monday....yay!!!

Rae is now in Middle school, which is still so crazy to me, I can't believe she is in 8th grade. She is in Honors Math (last years she was the only one in all of her school to score 100% on the Math CRT tests), she is taking French and LOVES it. She is also in Advanced Orchestra, she plays the Viola and kicks butt.

I got a job at Fairchild with Bertney, I loved it, I could stay awake all night ,and was told I was doing great. Then we had some issues with the times of my working and the times of Jesse working,  with everything we tried, it just wouldn't work. I gave them a week, and then during my last week, there was issues. Bertney came in to help one night for overtime and found me alone in my bey. Which is a bad thing for someone who had only been working there 3 weeks. My Trainer was off helping other people instead of me and this pissed off Bertney there were words between Bert and my trainer and I didn't go back the next day! I really appreciate Bert for helping me get the job there, just sad it didn't work out.

Jesse has been plumbing a Walmart on Parleys Way off Foothill (it was an old Kmart) at first he was working with Best Plumbing, but after about a month and a half, his boss was kicked off the job. The company that hired Best Plumbing, ACME, hired on Jesse just to finish the job, and ended up really liking him and now he is a full time employee there. They want this Walmart to be open before Halloween so he has been working tons of overtime and very late nights. Up next is a huge apartment complex in Woodcross.

I am so excited for Fall, it is my all time favorite time of year and I have been doing lots of crafts I found on Pinterest, I LOVE this site. I only wish I had a bigger place , a house would be lovely! Then I could paint the window! Our lease is up in December so I have been looking around to see whats out there, not much in West Jordan, hoping more thing open up closer to Dec.

Until next time! :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Spring Pictures

So here are the new Spring pictures, I'm not sure i like the new Photography company here that's doing them. They turned out okay, but I like Lifetouch better!!

Here is the beautiful Miss Rae!

The close up!

The lovely Miss Payton!

Such a cutie pie!

My handsome Lil' Man Jesse!

He is getting so big!

I do like that they do more then one pose though.

My baby, Logen

He is getting so big....too!