Thursday, May 6, 2010

Heading Home!

So as the school year comes to an end on May 27 we have decided it is time we should head home. Our realtor is lets see how do I put this nicely, he is completely inept. He never kept us informed about anything, and I always had to call him for info. We figured it would be to our advantage to not be in the home, so it would stay nice and clean, it wasn't. So we will try again with a new realtor and stay home and hopefully have more of an connection with the sale. The girls are happy and sad at the same time, happy to get to see old friends, but sad to be leaving G-ma and G-pa. Della (Rae's mom) is moving to Victorville CA. so she probably won't get to see her as much as she normally does. We will hopefully be back to St. George, it is were we eventually want to end up, if our house will just sell. We will miss Mom and Dad so much ,but we are so very Thankful for them letting us crash their house for the past 6 months. They are the best and the kids will miss them very much too.

There is this really awesome Bed and Breakfast that was built in 1912 that is so cool it has 7 bed 5 bath, it also has a 2 bed 2 bath guest house in the backyard too. It is something we are really interested in, and would love to get to buy and fix up, but who knows.

So that's about all for right now and we will be "Seeing" you soon!