Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This is a small tidbit of Rae at her first Orchestra concert last night. She has done so good with this she is such a natural. She is playing Silent Night. After all was done her teacher looked right at her and said "You did such a good job" she is so her teachers favorite! So here ya go hope you enjoy it as much as we did!!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Super freakishly hugely long post!!!!

A while ago Rae had asked for a very special Christmas present. She had requested a Family picture with ALL of her Family in it. So we decided it might be fun and had our own Family pictures done at the same time. So here are quite a few pictures for you to look at!!!

Here is the Family, mine of course and Della holding Emali, Bill holding Rion, and Lilly.

My Beautiful Family!

My Gorgeous Rae!

LOVE this one!!

My sweetie pie Payton!!

Such a cute Girl!!

My Handsome Lil' man!

So cute!

My Sweet little Logi Bear

He is so damn cute, I just love this one!

My Hunneybun!!!!

Love this one too!

My guys!

The Girls!

Another request of Rae, Her Daddy and Della!

Hope you Enjoyed the pictures, I did!!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hall-o-ween pics

So we will start off with Logen and his first Halloween at school. Here he is with his two Preschool Teachers! They just love him!!

Here are the girls pumpkins, mine is Mario, Rae's is Eeyore, and Payton's is the girly skull.

The boys pumpkin's Big Jesse is the crazy face, Lil' Jesse is the kitty, and Logen's is the new logo for Zelda Skyward Sword!

Rae was a Gypsy, and a very pretty one at that! (she is wearing the wig mom bought me after I shaved my head)

Payton is a very cute Batarina! I loved it.

Jesse the Ninja, he was going a to be a different Ninja that I bought online size 7-8, but it was to small so we had to go to a store here in town and buy a 10-12 in order for it to fit him! He is getting way to big way to fast!!

Logen is Luigi, he looks so dang cute!! He wanted to be Link but is was a much too expensive outfit. He second choice was Luigi.

My adorable girls!!!

My handsome boys!

Four of the cutest kids ever!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

School Pics!

So Here are the kids new School pictures for 2011-2012 year!

Our beautiful Young Lady Rae, she is growing up so fast!

Miss Payton, our little cutie pie! Still don't think she looks anything like me!

Quite literally our Little Jesse, looks just like his Daddy!

Our little ham Logen Bear, he is just to damn cute!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Something new, something borrowed, something blue......

So I am trying to decided if we are going to renew our vows next year for our 10 Anniversary. We are on a super tight budget but I have been putting a lot of thought in to it and I think we might be able to make it work. It would of course be here in St. George, and I have been trying to get a hold of the Judge that married us, so he could perform it the second time to. I would definitely have to ask family for some help though, for instance, I would love for Maxing to make my wedding cake!!!! I remember talking to you about a few years ago when you first started learning how to do all that spiffy cake decorating stuff. Rochelle being super crafty could help with the announcement and stuff. Anngee being so awesome with decorating could help with table center pieces and stuff. Bertney could help with the cute outfits for the kids because she is so stylish! ;) There is also finding a place to have it too, but I think I got that one to. There was this Reception house by our house we rented when we first moved back here, it has recently been sold and bought by a Christian church. They have a sign outside that says "we still hold receptions" so I'm thinking of going there to talk to them. I of course am going to need Momma to help me pick out a dress too!!

So tell me what ya think, if there is any way any of you are willing to help. I love to have everyone involved! And any other ideas are welcome too!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Life is frustrating........

...........but I guess its how my life goes! I think I have hit my breaking point, I wish there was some good to go along with all the bad. That at least would make the crap a little easier to handle. That being said in comment to a comment, I know I have blessing's like my family. I have 4 amazing kids who I love dearly and a wonderful husband who loves me. I have parents who are doing all they can to help me and I love them for it, but there is only so much you can handle.

On an entirely different note, kids start school tomorrow! Rae will be going into 7th grade at Lava Ridge Intermediate. They only have 6th and 7th graders there, the floor plan is just like Fossil Ridge so at least she won't get lost. She is super excited for her CTE classes (home ec., business, and shop)

Payton will be going to 3rd, and is only mildly happy about it. She is not fond of school, she is a lot like me in that sense. She is happy that she will get to play with Jesse at lunch though.

Jesse, my little first grader, well I guess he's not really all that little. He looks like a 3rd grader and towers over all his classmates. He is so excited to lean new thing and it makes taking him there so much easier.

Logen should be starting preschool this year but I haven't heard notification if he was approved yet. He want's to go now, but I think that will change once he realizes I'm not going with him.

I am still working, I like my job okay some days its fast paced others it's so slow I go crazy. But it's work so I cant really complain.

Jesse is busy helping people all the time, he is never home. Right now he is in Kamas helping his Mom with her parents house, so it can go up for sale. Then when he gets home he is off to Vegas to help his brother Wes, the Mechanic, with some cars to fix. But he will hopefully be bringing one home! He is doing some trade work for a 01 Chevy Impala with a bench seat in the front. I don't know why he doesn't just start his own Handyman business. Everyone always calls him for help with this or that from his Grandma, to all her friends, to people he comes across in Home Depot.

Well I guess I'm done complaining, and yes Britteny you are a blessing! Miss all of you like crazy!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lots of pic's from a wedding!

On June 18 Jesse's cousin Cassie was married, we took lots of pictures. So I thought I would share!

Rae Cassie and Payton

Rae, Bethanie (Cassie's sister) and Payton

Jesse's Grandma Zella, Rae, Jesse, and Payton

John (Jess's Dad) and Zella

Shirlene (Jesse's Mom) and Payton

Rae and Shirlene

Jesse and the boys

This is Rebecca, she was Rae's preschool teacher when she was 3-4

They were so happy to see each other!

Makin Funny faces

Rae and I

Absolutely love this picture!

Caught Red Handed!!!!

Payton hanging with the girls, telling them which one she thought was the Best Bridesmaid!

And finally, the fireworks after the show!!

So there ya go, Hope you enjoyed the show!

Monday, June 6, 2011


Okay so it has been quite a while so I figured I could update ya'll. If you didn't already know Jesse and I are living with his parents in the Dixie Downs area of St. George, we could no longer afford to live where we were. We have filled out more applications then I can count for here and Vegas with hardly any call backs. Apparently having bad credit now keeps you from getting jobs too. But alas there is hope yet, I got a job with Associated Sales and Marketing LLC. or ASM. its part time and I would work 5 1/2 hours per shift and I am a display person. Kind of like at Costco where they have all the people giving out food samples, I would do that plus a ton of other things besides food. So YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

In other news, the school year is over and the kids are already driving me crazy with the " Im board!" crap. I can hardly wait for August 15! He he!

Rae is 12 going on 18, she thinks she is old enough to do anything she wants and is finding out real quick being more mature is really no fun! She will be in 7th grade this year and is so very excited to be done with Elementary, though she kind of was last year cause of the whole Intermediate School thing they have here. She is super sweet and helpful, I dont know what I would do with out her.

Payton is super excited for the summer, she hates school with a passion and never wants to go back! She is going to be 8 here soon and I cant believe she is that big already. She acts more like her Daddy everyday the little turd, you would never guess shes mine she doesn't look a thing like me! I feel bad for her sometimes cause Rae is 4 years older then her and doesn't want to play with her anymore cause "shes so grown up". Payton is really good friends with Della's girl Lilly though and she just lives around the block so that helps some of Payton frustrations.

Jesse boy is awesome, he is such a big boy and tries to do everything himself. He just learned how to ride his bike without training wheels and is loving it! He passed Kindergarten with high marks and can hardly wait to be in first grade. He is his Daddies shadow and wants to be just like him, working on the truck, the yard, and just about everything else. He has such a great sense of humor and is so happy, he reminds me a lot of Rae when she was little.

Logen is getting so big it makes me cry, he will be starting Preschool this year at Payton and Jesse's school and he is not to excited about it. He is kind of attached to me and I don't want to have the same problems I had with Payton. So I'm hoping this helps him get more use to the idea of not always having me around. Jesse is his best friend and they play together a lot, I think it will be hard on him when Jesse is gone all day when school starts. He is super lovey and always has a hug and a kiss and is so much still my baby!

As for big Jesse well lets just say he is rather frustrated, he hates being out of work and gets very restless. He has all these amazing ideas but has no money to put them into motion. He loves spending time with the kids and his dad but I think he would rather be working.

So that is the info on us, I am looking forward to coming up to Boise for Echo's blessing if my work gives me the time off. Miss all of you like crazy!!!!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011


So some of you may know, we FINALLY sold our house this week! It is such a huge weight to be lifted off our shoulders. I am so very happy to be done with Bank Of America, they are horrible people and I wish nothing but the worst for them! =)

Jesse is headed to Vegas this coming week to try to get hired on at the new Veteran's Hospital being built there. If he can, he would start as a apprentice starting at $30ish and have a year to take his Journeyman's then moving up to $40ish. he has a really good connection at the job, so here is hopen he gets it. Then we will be Henderson bound!!!

As for the kids, Rae is in Fossil Ridge which is an Intermediate school that only has 6 and 7th graders. She really likes it and has a ton of friends. Rae just turned 12 and is very grown up, she amazes me all the time with how mature she is!

Payton hates school with a passion, no matter what school she is in, she plain hates it! She is in her second school now and seems to be doing slightly better with this one. Payton is very moody but loves to make people laugh, she is a teeny tiny little thing and big monster at the same time!!

Jesse loves school and gets upset cause he doesn't get to go all day. He is awesome when it comes to math and reading, he is way above average! Jesse is lets say BIG for his age, he towers most 3rd graders. He is at least 4-5 inches taller then Payton and she cant stand it!

Logen is my little love bug and shadow, he constantly plays the " I love you more" game with me. He always has a hug and don't forget the kiss, he is my baby!

As for me, okay I guess I really miss West Jordan and all the snow, the mountains and the smell of the fireplaces when I go outside. I'm hoping it will get better and I start to like it more here. I have mom to talk to but that's about it, I miss my sisters and nieces and nephews, and brotheres too!

So there is my little update, hope everyone is doing great! =)