Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hall-o-ween pics

So we will start off with Logen and his first Halloween at school. Here he is with his two Preschool Teachers! They just love him!!

Here are the girls pumpkins, mine is Mario, Rae's is Eeyore, and Payton's is the girly skull.

The boys pumpkin's Big Jesse is the crazy face, Lil' Jesse is the kitty, and Logen's is the new logo for Zelda Skyward Sword!

Rae was a Gypsy, and a very pretty one at that! (she is wearing the wig mom bought me after I shaved my head)

Payton is a very cute Batarina! I loved it.

Jesse the Ninja, he was going a to be a different Ninja that I bought online size 7-8, but it was to small so we had to go to a store here in town and buy a 10-12 in order for it to fit him! He is getting way to big way to fast!!

Logen is Luigi, he looks so dang cute!! He wanted to be Link but is was a much too expensive outfit. He second choice was Luigi.

My adorable girls!!!

My handsome boys!

Four of the cutest kids ever!!!


Dawny said...

cute Halloween pic's they all look great!! I wondered what happened to the cowboy.....Oh well, I guess things change.It's great to see your wig is making a comeback!

Rochelle Brunson said...

They look super cute! Corbin was Luigi 2 years ago!

Anngee and Shane said...

Very cute pics Kimmi! They are all so grown up now:")