Sunday, August 23, 2009

And Then There Were None....

So here is a little update on our quiet little life. Rae went to spend a while with Della in St. George, her little sister Lilly turned 6 on the 22nd. They went and got their hair done at a Salon and then went and got their pictures taken. Here is one I will have to post the other one after I go get copies.

I love this picture, she looks so beautiful and grown up. We miss her like crazy when she is gone, but she gets to have fun with grandparent's and spend time with her little brother and sister. Rae will have another little sister here soon too, Della is about 27 weeks prego. I believe the name she picked is Emali Klarisa Carter, but it may change. Rae is such a great big sister and she can hardly wait for another little baby to hold.

Payton, lets see besides her singing around the house at the top of her lungs nonstop she is doing great. She loves being in 1st grade and we have had zero problem so far. She got her hair cut a while ago and I just love the way it looks on her. She looks so cute with short hair!!

She is still obsessed with Tinker Bell, we have come along this game on a cute little Fairy game where she made her own fairy that she can fly around with Tinker Bell, its pretty fun. She is missing Rae but she will be home next week.

Jesse boy is getting huge and looking more and more like his daddy everyday. I can't believe he will be in kindergarten next year, he is already bigger then most 2nd graders. He is still majorly obsessed with cars and carries then around with him were ever he goes. Him and Logen are best friends and can always be found together playing with cars.

He is about the sweetest boy ever, he is always telling you how beautiful or handsome you are.

Logen is our little Jester, he takes after his daddy, always trying to make someone laugh. He has the biggest smile, he can't keep his eyes open his cheeks are so big. He reminds me of Patrick with his dimples, even if he's not smiling you can still see them.

He is talking so good now, you can understand almost every word that comes out of his mouth, including Damn it!! Yes mom, I take after you!! He is getting to big for his toddler bed, we need to find some cheap bunk beds for the boys.

As for Jesse and I, I have filled out about a million application and got 1 call back from Ross, but it didn't turn out. Jesse has been working like crazy on the backyard still, he almost has all the sprinklers fixed. I have been trying to declutter my house, throwing away all the stuff I don't need, it has proved to be difficult.

I can hardly wait for Autumn to get here, I haven't painted my window all year and I am getting anxious. I want to put out all my Halloween stuff and Fall stuff, to see the leaves change color. It is almost my favorite time of year!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

A little excitement.

So our little bit of excitement for the week was Jesse's bro Wesley coming up for a visit.

Jesse and Wes being dorks!!

They hate their picture taken so its hard to get a good one!

He arrived at about 8:30 right after we got the girls to school. Whenever there two get together they have this thing were they go out to breakfast and drink coffee and catch up, so that's what they did after he got here. The girls were way excited when they got home, they had no idea he was coming! We had a little BBQ in the backyard and he headed out about 11:00 p.m. I'm sure he didn't get to St. George til like 3-4 in the morning, they crazy guy!!

And now some fun with airheads!!