Friday, October 31, 2008


So my first day of real work was yesterday.( I had orientation on Wednesday, so I missed Jamie's wedding :( ) I worked on the sales floor in Apparel, I worked with a girl named Loren, she was very nice. I really liked my manager Jessica too. They are all very nice, and really funny. All I do is walk around pick up stuff off the floor put back returns and straighten up the shelves. It pretty easy, I like it. Tomorrow I have to learn to cashier, not to excited about that, we'll see how it goes!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Picture Time

Here are the kids School pictures. They were taken on the 7th of October. I will get everyone their copies as soon as I can!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Okay so I see a few people are confused about Jesse's whole work thing and our moving situation. In September Jesse was talking to the Plumbers and Pipe Fitters Union in Las Vegas. At that time they had more work then they knew what to do with. So he put in his two weeks with Titan Mechanical. We booked his flight and he left on the 21 of September. Our house was up for sale. Then when he got there a few things happened, the job he was suppose to be put on got shut down because the contractor obtained a permit illegally. So there was no work for him as this job has 200 plumbers on it and now they were all out of work also, and they came first. He came home and talked to Titan, they gave him his job back, but sent him on the Elko job. Jesse's first 8 years of plumbing was in residential- his boss liked this and offered him a job permanently in Elko. We thought about it and decided that we didn't really like that idea. Once they finished the work out in Elko, they sent him back to Park City on the Canyons Resort project he originally started on. They told him there will be more work out in Elko and they would like him to go back out there when they do, but that won't be for a while. We decided with the way things were going we would just stay put for a while and took our house off the market. So I figured sense we are going to be in town for a while I would get a job to bring in some extra cash for the holidays. So I got a job at Shopko that won't start til next week. We most likely will be here for at least another year, we'll have to see what happens.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Yeah, so it's been a while.

Lets see so we'll start with last weekend. Rae was going to go with her Grandpa Don to Yellowstone for a birthday party. She left on friday night, saturday morning we get the call. Theres been an accedent!! On the way to Montana It started to snow really bad, they hit soame black ice and lost control of the truck. Apparently the truck did a 180 and slid off the enbankment. Then rolled about three times and landed in a revene upside down. Rae was in the back with her seatbelt on and surrounded by comforters and pillows. Thank goodness she wasen't hurt. The back window was broken, so she undid her seatbelt and jumped out and went to her grandpas window to make sure he was okay. Which he was, his elbow is pretty banged up though. They called for an ambulance, and imagine that, it did the same thing, hit the ice and rolled down the revene and hit Don's truck. They did finallly get a emergency crew there to take them to the hospital. It was pretty scarey, but everything tuned out okay!!
Next, I got a job at Shopko the one on 9000 south I will work nights so Jesse can be home with the kids. I'm pretty excited, I'll update later on my first day and stuff!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Kids

Im copying you is a little update on my cute kids!! Im not a very good writer so bare with me!!


My Logibear, he is the biggest cuddle bug. He always has a hug waiting for me or anyone else for that matter. He is so big it makes me sad. He is my baby, so I don't want him to grow up. He is crazy, he runs around the house screaming at the top of his lungs and then cracks up laughing. he is so friendly and loves everyone, I have never seen such a well mannered baby. I guess I can't really say baby anymore, he is going to be 2 in December. He will always be my baby!! Logen has just started the- I like daddy more then mommy- thing now. It makes me sad, but happy too. Jesse was scared that Logen was never going to like him. He is crazy about his dad, and cries whenever he leaves. And the way he says Daddy is the cutest. Speaking of which, that boy can talk, he says everything now. Clear as a bell too. He loves his Aunt Britteny, I don't know where it came from, but whenever he see her, he askes her to hold him. It is so cute!! He even said her name the other day right after she left.
he's my little surfer boy, he has long shaggy hair and is really tan. Jesse won't let me cut his hair, he likes it that way. I love my Logi!!


My Jesse boy. He is his dad, he looks just like him and wants to be him. If daddy is outside doing something Jesse has to be there. He loves his dad. The two of them are always together. Jesse is also huge, he is bigger then payton and most kids his age. He is becoming such a big boy, with his words and actions. he wants to go to school so bad and gets mad at me when I tell him he can't. he loves cars and trucks, the classics are his favorite. Another thing him and his dad have in common. Jesse loves to wrestle he can kick all his sisters butts and loves doing it. he loves the outdoors too running around in the back yard, and playing in the park. He is almost always happy, in a good mood. I was a little worried when I had him, I wouldn't know what to do with a boy. But he is so much fun, I love my little guy.


Payton, lets see where do I start. She is kind of a difficult kid. She definatly has a mind of her own, and stubburn as hell.(she gets that from her dad) She is very loveable, which everyone says she gets that from me. She is also a big helper, she loves to help make dinner, and do the dishes. She is doing really good in school now. We had some problems at first with the whole don't leave me thing. She really likes her teacher alot. She can spell her name, and knows all her letters. We have just noticed resently that she is getting freckels on her nose and cheeks. It is so cute. She also loves her big sister, she wants to be just like her. She follows poor Rae around everywhere. Everyone says she looks like me, but I think she looks like her dad in alot of ways. Acts like him to. Payton has deffinatly been a challenge, but I have loved every minute of it. I love my Payton!!


Rae is a very smart little girl. She has always done really good in school. This year almost every paper she has brought home has been 100%. Besides being extreamly smart, she is also the sweetest. She does everything she can to help and is more then willing to do so. She is always making little gifts and leaving them around the house for us. She is such a good big sister, she always plays with her sister payton even if she annoys the crap out of her. Rae is beautiful, the older she gets the more she stands out. Boys go crazy over her, she has had more boyfriends then I can count. And everyone of them say she has the most beautiful eyes, which she does. Jesse better start getting ready now. Those boys are going to be knocking down the door in no time. She also loves Hannah Montanna, she has alot of her clothes and knows almost every song.I couldn't imagine my life without her!! She is the best 9 year old girl on the planet.

Friday, October 3, 2008

New Job?

So Jesse came home form Elko last night with some news. His boss has asked if he would be willing to move to Elko Nevada. He wants jesse to be the foreman of the job there. He would run the Elko portion of the company. He would be making alot more, but he would be on a salery. I guess it is alot like here, it is a little higher so it gets a little more snow then here. Its about 3 1/2 hours north east of Salt Lake. Its Nevada so there is no state tax, so that would be nice. Im not sure if it is some thing we will do. Definatly something to consider!! If it happens at all it won't be til we finish the house. We were thinking of leasing out our house, just in case we don't like it there. Who knows!!