Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Rae is a very smart little girl. She has always done really good in school. This year almost every paper she has brought home has been 100%. Besides being extreamly smart, she is also the sweetest. She does everything she can to help and is more then willing to do so. She is always making little gifts and leaving them around the house for us. She is such a good big sister, she always plays with her sister payton even if she annoys the crap out of her. Rae is beautiful, the older she gets the more she stands out. Boys go crazy over her, she has had more boyfriends then I can count. And everyone of them say she has the most beautiful eyes, which she does. Jesse better start getting ready now. Those boys are going to be knocking down the door in no time. She also loves Hannah Montanna, she has alot of her clothes and knows almost every song.I couldn't imagine my life without her!! She is the best 9 year old girl on the planet.


hippyrochelle said...

I can't believe she is 9 Crazy!