Wednesday, October 8, 2008


My Jesse boy. He is his dad, he looks just like him and wants to be him. If daddy is outside doing something Jesse has to be there. He loves his dad. The two of them are always together. Jesse is also huge, he is bigger then payton and most kids his age. He is becoming such a big boy, with his words and actions. he wants to go to school so bad and gets mad at me when I tell him he can't. he loves cars and trucks, the classics are his favorite. Another thing him and his dad have in common. Jesse loves to wrestle he can kick all his sisters butts and loves doing it. he loves the outdoors too running around in the back yard, and playing in the park. He is almost always happy, in a good mood. I was a little worried when I had him, I wouldn't know what to do with a boy. But he is so much fun, I love my little guy.


hippyrochelle said...

That kid looks more and more like his daddy everytime I see him. He is big too, way bigger than Corbin and Corbin is what... 3 months older!

beggertsen said...

He has such a barrell chest it is crazy. He definately looks like his daddy!