Thursday, October 23, 2008


Okay so I see a few people are confused about Jesse's whole work thing and our moving situation. In September Jesse was talking to the Plumbers and Pipe Fitters Union in Las Vegas. At that time they had more work then they knew what to do with. So he put in his two weeks with Titan Mechanical. We booked his flight and he left on the 21 of September. Our house was up for sale. Then when he got there a few things happened, the job he was suppose to be put on got shut down because the contractor obtained a permit illegally. So there was no work for him as this job has 200 plumbers on it and now they were all out of work also, and they came first. He came home and talked to Titan, they gave him his job back, but sent him on the Elko job. Jesse's first 8 years of plumbing was in residential- his boss liked this and offered him a job permanently in Elko. We thought about it and decided that we didn't really like that idea. Once they finished the work out in Elko, they sent him back to Park City on the Canyons Resort project he originally started on. They told him there will be more work out in Elko and they would like him to go back out there when they do, but that won't be for a while. We decided with the way things were going we would just stay put for a while and took our house off the market. So I figured sense we are going to be in town for a while I would get a job to bring in some extra cash for the holidays. So I got a job at Shopko that won't start til next week. We most likely will be here for at least another year, we'll have to see what happens.


hippyrochelle said...

I'm so glad you cleared that up, I was super confizzled. I'm glad you sort of have things figured out for a while. Maybe in a year the economy will be better and it will be a better time to move anyway. Good luck on your new job, I can't wait to hear how it goes.

Anngee and Shane said...

I'm glad you have a sense of what will be going on at least for a little while so you aren't up in the air. Good luck at work!