Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Life in Limbo

I hate having a life in Limbo, not knowing what is going to happen next, it sucks!! We have had quite a few showing of our home but no offers yet, we are thinking of dropping the price a little to see what happens. Jesse has been working with his Dad two to three days a week and has enjoyed getting to spend time with him and getting the company off the ground. The girls are not to fond of the school they go to but they are hanging in there, it will be weird next year. Rae will got to Intermediate for only 6th Graders and then Jesse will be in Kindergarten. so we will be driving all over the place. We started Logen on the whole Potty Training thing and man it sucks, I swear I just did this not to long ago, but hey when we are are done with him, I will have no more to do!! I love getting to talk to mom and hang out with her, I have missed this sense we moved. About a week ago we went and saw Blind Side together, it was very good. We are Visiting Teaching Partners, so that is fun too. She came home from church last week and told me that they have a calling for me and are going to call me in for a meeting sometime soon, I have no idea what they want me to do and am so scared to find out, even though mom knows, but she can't tell me!

We will be headed to S.L.C in March for Braxton's Baptism and I am Happy to get to see everyone again, hopefully our House will be sold by then.