Friday, February 27, 2009

Jesse riding his bike & random pics.

It has been really nice weather lately so the kids have been out side riding their bikes. Jesse is doing such a good job for it being his first time on one! Payton is a really big help too, if he gets stuck she gets off her bike and gives him a push. Logen tries to keep up but they are to fast for him, he has fun getting in their way!

When we were in St. George we went to the park to try to wear out the kids. We had a ton of fun here are some pics!

Rae and I played some football, we tried to kick it back and forth too. Oh man! My leg killed me for like 2 days after too!

Don't I look so graceful!

Logen loved this slide, all he did the entire time we were there was go down this slide. He looked so cute!!

Jesse did it a couple times with him, he mostly just ran all over the place and chased Uncle Wesley around!

Payton was pretty good at this balance beam, she did it a couple of times and old fell like once. She did really good, I think gymnastics may be in her future!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Jesse!!(really long sorry!!)

So we made it to St. George at about 9:30 Friday night. All Jesse wanted to do was open all his presents, but we made him wait til Saturday. We went to the park and had a ton of fun, I have many pictures, but I'll post that on a different one. Jesse did fall and scuff up his elbow though, it was sad and really looked like it hurt! Latter that day we did get to the whole presents thing, and here we are, blowing out the candles

Every time he opened his present he would take off the paper and hand it to grandpa. It was kinda funny!

He was so excited for his Lightning McQueen PJ's, I tried to get him some for Christmas but they were all out. I went to a different place and found some, boy was he happy.

He got a ton of clothes!!! He needed them way bad though. One thing I find weird, he love polo's, collared shirts with buttons. I have never meet a kid that liked those.

It was funny, he had the hardest time opening this card, I don't know why. He made the funniest face while he was trying to open it, he had us all laughing!

We saved the helmet til second to last. He looked at us like what is this for, so grandpa put it on his head to show him how it worked. I think it was a little small!!

This is the bike all finished. We had a chain gard that come with the bike originally, but we had some problems getting it to work. I still think it turned out amazing for being a 27 year old bike!

We made him think his helmet was the last one, then Daddy told him he forgot the other one outside and Jesse had to help come and get it. When he walked out side he looked around and then he saw it, he looked at me and said" Look a bike, is it mine? " It was so cute, he was so excited he started jumping in circles with the biggest smile on his face!

We put his helmet on him and let him try it out but it was a little dark. He looked so dang cute though!

This is him riding it the next day, he did a really good job. Grandma house is kind of on a hill so he loved going down, but not going back up!! he had a ton of fun and I really think he loved his new bike!!

He also got a Spiderman costume from G-ma and Pa Anderson, and Della. He loved it, he put it on and went outside and chased his sisters around the front yard!

All in all we had a good time, and decided to take a group picture. Wesley(Jesse's bro) and his wife Rhonda-Jesse and I- Shirlene and John( Jesse parents) on the bottom
A not so happy Logen, Jesse boy, Sadie ( Jesse sis, on the ground) Rae holding Jane(Wes and Rhonda's) Payton and Kyle (Wes and Rhonda's)

Happy Birthday Jesse boy, We love you!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Old becomes New!!

So Jesse's boys Birthday is next week. We are celebrating it this weekend though, in St. George. Big Jesse has been working on Jesse boys present for the past month. When Jesse turned four his dad bought him a Takara Bicycle. At the time they were very expensive, but built very nicely and with great quality. So much so that his bike is still alive today!! A sum of 27 years later! Jesse came up with the idea to fix up his old bike and give it to his son Jesse on his fourth Birthday. He sanded it all down and repainted it, at first we wanted to do it the same color as it was; Candy Apple Red. Then we found this awesome color that changed from red to blue in the sunlight. We had to buy a lot of new things for it like a seat, grips, tires, forks, and the most expensive, a new crank. With all the money we spent we could have bought him a brand new one, but I think this one will have a lot more meaning. It looks awesome too. Its all packed up for our trip tomorrow so I don't have a picture, but I will post one when we get back. We also got him a bunch of new clothes, this kid is huge. He is turning four and he looks like he is six!! He has a new helmet with elbow and knee pads that have Lightning McQueen on them too. I can hardly wait to see his face when he gets his new bike, he has been asking for one for some time now. It will be great to see Johns (Jesse's Dad) face too. We'll have to see if he remembers the bike!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Okay so here is how it works.

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
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3. Tell six things about you.
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Thanks to Rochelle for tagging me. ( I don't know how to link people! )

Six things about me,

1. Everyone says when I was little I use to hug people that I didn't know. I would just walk up to some old man and hug him everyday after school on the way home. I don't know why, I just did. Apparently I did this to a lot of people. I guess I just like to give hugs!

2. I had to have c-sections with all my kids. I makes me sad that I never got to experience birth the way God intended it to be. I have one leg just a tad longer then the other, which over the years has screwed up the alignment of my hips. In turn preventing me from having children the normal way.

3. Wow this is difficult! Six things, I'm just not that interesting!! I always wanted to be a mom. When I was little I would stuff things in my shirt to make me look prego. In school I always said I wanted to grow up to be a mom. I truly can't think of anything I would rather do. I love my kids and taking care of them, the rewards of hearing I love you for the first time from your baby is just so much better then any job I could have.

4. I love old trucks. I would love to get my hand s on a 1951 Chevy that I could just sit in the garage with Jesse and fix it up. I also like big trucks, jacked up big tires and loud as can be. I don't know were it came from I Just like them. So if anyone sees a 1951 chevy, let me know!

5. I love, love, love to remodel. This home we bought has needed a lot of work. New kitchen and bathrooms. I have learned so many new things, I helped put in the cabinets and the flooring in the kitchen, I learned to cut tile and lay shower walls and floors. I do believe the best part is ripping all the old stuff out. What a way to relieve stress.

6. One more, lets see. I love being outdoors, camping hiking four wheeling. Our family use to go camping every year. I loved it and I miss it so much, talking by fire telling old stories. Catching make believe I hope it is something we can start up again.

So yeah there ya go, I tag

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Again I dont know how to link people!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Singing the Blues!

Not much has been happening, hence the no posting! Jesse's Grandpa who lives in Kamas has been having some problems over the past few months. He had surgery at the Huntsman Cancer Institute to remove his bladder and some other things. He was there for about a month, he just hasn't got better, so he asked them to let him go home. Jesse's mom and sister Sadie are there in Kamas to help take care of him. Shirlene said he is starting to get better, hopefully he will pull through. They are coming into town this weekend to visit. Apparently they are bringing turtles! 3 of them! For the kids! This will be interesting. Get ready Chelle I most likely will be calling you for advise! We will be going to St George for Jesse boy's Birthday, we'll leave on the 19th and come back on the 22nd. Oh and Jesse's blue truck died today, well the Transfer Case broke. It is stuck in Park City right now until we find a cheap way to get it home. Man when it rains, it pours, hopefully this year will start to look up. That is all!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Rae's 10th Birthday!!

Okay so Rae's Birthday started out with the first thing she asked for, a perm.
Here is the before picture at the salon.

Here is with all the curlers in and ready for the chemicals.

Here it is all done and ready to come home!!

At home with it all styled, she looks so cute with her hair curly. I love it!!!

Then came the presents time, and man did she get alot of stuff. This one is Rae, Daddy, and Rae's little sister Lilly.

A new DS game, with her brother Jesse.

This is Rae with her cake, Hannah Montana, of course!!

Here is a better shot of the cake.

All in all we all had alot of fun. She got a ton of clothes, a couple of games, alarm clock, and bath stuff. Oh and some new boots too!! Now we have to get ready for Jesse boys Birthday on the 25th. I think we are going to St. George to celebrate his. We have done so every year, we celebrate it with Grandpa John his is 2 days before Jesse's. It has been a while sense we were there, so it will be good to see everyone. So yeah that's about it.