Sunday, February 1, 2009

Rae's 10th Birthday!!

Okay so Rae's Birthday started out with the first thing she asked for, a perm.
Here is the before picture at the salon.

Here is with all the curlers in and ready for the chemicals.

Here it is all done and ready to come home!!

At home with it all styled, she looks so cute with her hair curly. I love it!!!

Then came the presents time, and man did she get alot of stuff. This one is Rae, Daddy, and Rae's little sister Lilly.

A new DS game, with her brother Jesse.

This is Rae with her cake, Hannah Montana, of course!!

Here is a better shot of the cake.

All in all we all had alot of fun. She got a ton of clothes, a couple of games, alarm clock, and bath stuff. Oh and some new boots too!! Now we have to get ready for Jesse boys Birthday on the 25th. I think we are going to St. George to celebrate his. We have done so every year, we celebrate it with Grandpa John his is 2 days before Jesse's. It has been a while sense we were there, so it will be good to see everyone. So yeah that's about it.


Hi! said...

Happy Birthday Rae. Will getting a card in the mail soon.

Dawny said...

Rae looks so happy, It looks like she had a super b-day. We hope we get to see you when you come to St. George.