Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Singing the Blues!

Not much has been happening, hence the no posting! Jesse's Grandpa who lives in Kamas has been having some problems over the past few months. He had surgery at the Huntsman Cancer Institute to remove his bladder and some other things. He was there for about a month, he just hasn't got better, so he asked them to let him go home. Jesse's mom and sister Sadie are there in Kamas to help take care of him. Shirlene said he is starting to get better, hopefully he will pull through. They are coming into town this weekend to visit. Apparently they are bringing turtles! 3 of them! For the kids! This will be interesting. Get ready Chelle I most likely will be calling you for advise! We will be going to St George for Jesse boy's Birthday, we'll leave on the 19th and come back on the 22nd. Oh and Jesse's blue truck died today, well the Transfer Case broke. It is stuck in Park City right now until we find a cheap way to get it home. Man when it rains, it pours, hopefully this year will start to look up. That is all!


Aaron and Angela said...

Usually after a lot of bad things happen at once - something really GREAT is on the horizon.

Hi! said...

All will look up. :)

hippyrochelle said...

Hey kim, I tagged you on my blog