Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Jesse!!(really long sorry!!)

So we made it to St. George at about 9:30 Friday night. All Jesse wanted to do was open all his presents, but we made him wait til Saturday. We went to the park and had a ton of fun, I have many pictures, but I'll post that on a different one. Jesse did fall and scuff up his elbow though, it was sad and really looked like it hurt! Latter that day we did get to the whole presents thing, and here we are, blowing out the candles

Every time he opened his present he would take off the paper and hand it to grandpa. It was kinda funny!

He was so excited for his Lightning McQueen PJ's, I tried to get him some for Christmas but they were all out. I went to a different place and found some, boy was he happy.

He got a ton of clothes!!! He needed them way bad though. One thing I find weird, he love polo's, collared shirts with buttons. I have never meet a kid that liked those.

It was funny, he had the hardest time opening this card, I don't know why. He made the funniest face while he was trying to open it, he had us all laughing!

We saved the helmet til second to last. He looked at us like what is this for, so grandpa put it on his head to show him how it worked. I think it was a little small!!

This is the bike all finished. We had a chain gard that come with the bike originally, but we had some problems getting it to work. I still think it turned out amazing for being a 27 year old bike!

We made him think his helmet was the last one, then Daddy told him he forgot the other one outside and Jesse had to help come and get it. When he walked out side he looked around and then he saw it, he looked at me and said" Look a bike, is it mine? " It was so cute, he was so excited he started jumping in circles with the biggest smile on his face!

We put his helmet on him and let him try it out but it was a little dark. He looked so dang cute though!

This is him riding it the next day, he did a really good job. Grandma house is kind of on a hill so he loved going down, but not going back up!! he had a ton of fun and I really think he loved his new bike!!

He also got a Spiderman costume from G-ma and Pa Anderson, and Della. He loved it, he put it on and went outside and chased his sisters around the front yard!

All in all we had a good time, and decided to take a group picture. Wesley(Jesse's bro) and his wife Rhonda-Jesse and I- Shirlene and John( Jesse parents) on the bottom
A not so happy Logen, Jesse boy, Sadie ( Jesse sis, on the ground) Rae holding Jane(Wes and Rhonda's) Payton and Kyle (Wes and Rhonda's)

Happy Birthday Jesse boy, We love you!!


H.L. said...

Looks like a fun party.

Happy Day Jesse! Will get card in mail.

Dawny said...

It looks like Jesse had a super fun time. I loved looking at all the pictures. Thank you for coming to see us. We loved getting to talk with you guys, it was way fun.

Anngee and Shane said...

Sounds like it was way fun! He looked so cute in the pics and it's so funny that you say that about the polos cuz now it seems like I have seen him in those. Happy Birthday Jesse boy, we will see you on your real one!

hippyrochelle said...

Happy Birthday Jesse!! Good job on the bike you guys, looks spiffy!