Friday, October 17, 2008

Yeah, so it's been a while.

Lets see so we'll start with last weekend. Rae was going to go with her Grandpa Don to Yellowstone for a birthday party. She left on friday night, saturday morning we get the call. Theres been an accedent!! On the way to Montana It started to snow really bad, they hit soame black ice and lost control of the truck. Apparently the truck did a 180 and slid off the enbankment. Then rolled about three times and landed in a revene upside down. Rae was in the back with her seatbelt on and surrounded by comforters and pillows. Thank goodness she wasen't hurt. The back window was broken, so she undid her seatbelt and jumped out and went to her grandpas window to make sure he was okay. Which he was, his elbow is pretty banged up though. They called for an ambulance, and imagine that, it did the same thing, hit the ice and rolled down the revene and hit Don's truck. They did finallly get a emergency crew there to take them to the hospital. It was pretty scarey, but everything tuned out okay!!
Next, I got a job at Shopko the one on 9000 south I will work nights so Jesse can be home with the kids. I'm pretty excited, I'll update later on my first day and stuff!!


Anonymous said...

I thought Jesse was working in Elko?
Now I am so confuzzled.

Anngee and Shane said...

That sounds scary. I am so glad that Rae is ok as well as her Grandpa. Congrats on the job, and I've been meaning to tell you how freaking cute your blog paper is. I like it!

Kimi said...

Jesse was working in Elko, they finished the first part of the job so they sent him back to Park city. Mostly beacuse they really needed him there.

hippyrochelle said...

I'm glad Rae is okay. So are you guys still, I really don't know what is going on.....I thought Jesse was already working for a different company in Nevada, I didn't realize it was the same one......I'm sooooo confused.