Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Super freakishly hugely long post!!!!

A while ago Rae had asked for a very special Christmas present. She had requested a Family picture with ALL of her Family in it. So we decided it might be fun and had our own Family pictures done at the same time. So here are quite a few pictures for you to look at!!!

Here is the Family, mine of course and Della holding Emali, Bill holding Rion, and Lilly.

My Beautiful Family!

My Gorgeous Rae!

LOVE this one!!

My sweetie pie Payton!!

Such a cute Girl!!

My Handsome Lil' man!

So cute!

My Sweet little Logi Bear

He is so damn cute, I just love this one!

My Hunneybun!!!!

Love this one too!

My guys!

The Girls!

Another request of Rae, Her Daddy and Della!

Hope you Enjoyed the pictures, I did!!!!


Rochelle Brunson said...

How awesome is it that you can all be friends!!

beggertsen said...

Beautiful pics Kimbo!!