Sunday, August 14, 2011

Life is frustrating........

...........but I guess its how my life goes! I think I have hit my breaking point, I wish there was some good to go along with all the bad. That at least would make the crap a little easier to handle. That being said in comment to a comment, I know I have blessing's like my family. I have 4 amazing kids who I love dearly and a wonderful husband who loves me. I have parents who are doing all they can to help me and I love them for it, but there is only so much you can handle.

On an entirely different note, kids start school tomorrow! Rae will be going into 7th grade at Lava Ridge Intermediate. They only have 6th and 7th graders there, the floor plan is just like Fossil Ridge so at least she won't get lost. She is super excited for her CTE classes (home ec., business, and shop)

Payton will be going to 3rd, and is only mildly happy about it. She is not fond of school, she is a lot like me in that sense. She is happy that she will get to play with Jesse at lunch though.

Jesse, my little first grader, well I guess he's not really all that little. He looks like a 3rd grader and towers over all his classmates. He is so excited to lean new thing and it makes taking him there so much easier.

Logen should be starting preschool this year but I haven't heard notification if he was approved yet. He want's to go now, but I think that will change once he realizes I'm not going with him.

I am still working, I like my job okay some days its fast paced others it's so slow I go crazy. But it's work so I cant really complain.

Jesse is busy helping people all the time, he is never home. Right now he is in Kamas helping his Mom with her parents house, so it can go up for sale. Then when he gets home he is off to Vegas to help his brother Wes, the Mechanic, with some cars to fix. But he will hopefully be bringing one home! He is doing some trade work for a 01 Chevy Impala with a bench seat in the front. I don't know why he doesn't just start his own Handyman business. Everyone always calls him for help with this or that from his Grandma, to all her friends, to people he comes across in Home Depot.

Well I guess I'm done complaining, and yes Britteny you are a blessing! Miss all of you like crazy!!


Dawny said...

Well I see this blog was written last night, seems how now we know Payton is not too happy for school. But hopefully everything else will go okay. I hope Jesse and his mom will be able to come home tomorrow night. Just hang in there Kimi, one day things will get better... and you'll look back at this time,and remember that life just hands us trials to see how we handle them. Remember you are "LOVED"!!!!

beggertsen said...

Aww, thanks Kimi, you are a blessing too! I am glad I have you to share my daily trials and triumphs with, even when it is just a quick ranting text message, love ya tons!!! Trust me I understand where you are right now, things will get better, hopefully sooner rather than later. Turn your burdens over to the Lord and you will be amazed by how much more you can accomplish.