Saturday, February 12, 2011


So some of you may know, we FINALLY sold our house this week! It is such a huge weight to be lifted off our shoulders. I am so very happy to be done with Bank Of America, they are horrible people and I wish nothing but the worst for them! =)

Jesse is headed to Vegas this coming week to try to get hired on at the new Veteran's Hospital being built there. If he can, he would start as a apprentice starting at $30ish and have a year to take his Journeyman's then moving up to $40ish. he has a really good connection at the job, so here is hopen he gets it. Then we will be Henderson bound!!!

As for the kids, Rae is in Fossil Ridge which is an Intermediate school that only has 6 and 7th graders. She really likes it and has a ton of friends. Rae just turned 12 and is very grown up, she amazes me all the time with how mature she is!

Payton hates school with a passion, no matter what school she is in, she plain hates it! She is in her second school now and seems to be doing slightly better with this one. Payton is very moody but loves to make people laugh, she is a teeny tiny little thing and big monster at the same time!!

Jesse loves school and gets upset cause he doesn't get to go all day. He is awesome when it comes to math and reading, he is way above average! Jesse is lets say BIG for his age, he towers most 3rd graders. He is at least 4-5 inches taller then Payton and she cant stand it!

Logen is my little love bug and shadow, he constantly plays the " I love you more" game with me. He always has a hug and don't forget the kiss, he is my baby!

As for me, okay I guess I really miss West Jordan and all the snow, the mountains and the smell of the fireplaces when I go outside. I'm hoping it will get better and I start to like it more here. I have mom to talk to but that's about it, I miss my sisters and nieces and nephews, and brotheres too!

So there is my little update, hope everyone is doing great! =)


Rochelle Brunson said...

I'm glad you finally updated your blog. Congrats on selling the house and good luck with Jesse's job hunt.

kimi said...

I'm glad the house is sold!!! I wish things would just start going your way for a change!!!
We love you and that cute little family,and even your cats...they are getting to where they come out and visit us once in a while now.

Dawny said...

So I guess you used our computer to do your blog the comment above is from me.

terrylesblog said...

Hope things get better for you guys and good luck on the job. Love Terry

Anonymous said...

~*Cheers*~... I refuse to do business with Bank of America too!