Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hot off the Press.....................

We are moving again, But not where you all may think!

So about two weeks ago Jesse was called by an old friend, he had recommended Jesse for a job where he worked. We thought about but were not quite sure if it was the right choice, his job at TIC working at the Molycorp mine was ending in September. He would then be going to either, Battle Mtn, North Dakota, Colorado, Texas, or Arizona. None of these places really peaked an interest in us, so Jesse decided to give the "new job" a call back and get some further information. After a lot of talk we decided that with this new job came lots of pluses, and only a few negatives. TIC, he will still be gone all week and only come home on weekends, moving every 6-8 months, and not as much pay. With the "new job" he would be getting a $7.00 raise, he would get to come home every night, work with people he likes and respects and we would be near family.

So we are moving ....................................................back to West Jordan!! Jesse was offered a job at Best Plumbing Inc. We are all very excited!! Especially the kids!! We have a place at The Ridge @ Jordan Landing its off 7000 south and just west of Bangerter Hwy. Jesse starts his job on Tuesday the 15th. of this month. The rest of us will be there by the 24th. So MARK, no more talking about how I moved 'cause I hated my family!!!  Now we are moving back and I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!


Rochelle Brunson said...

WOW! That's big news. Congratulations!