Thursday, February 9, 2012

Jesse's Job

As some of you know Jesse got a job. He is working at The Molycorp Mine in Mountain Pass California. It is about 60 miles south of Las Vegas. Here is some info about the mine he is working on.

He wont be working IN the mine, he will be constructing building's around it. First he is working on the Water Treatment Plant as a Carpenter. He is going to have some crazy hours, it will be changing depending on how quickly they want things done. So right now its 6~10 hour days Sunday off. Then it will be 13~10 hour days and 1 day off. Crazy!!!

He is super excited to be starting something new and even more happy to be moving out of Utah!! One thing I am NOT happy about( other then the obvious of him being there & me being here) He is working at a mine!!! They have to be fitted with a "gas mask" in case they hit something "dangerous". The mask has to have full skin contact, which facial hair!!!!!!!! This makes me so sad, I have never seen the man without it, it will take some getting use to for sure!

So the rest of us are hoping to be down there sometime in March. I can hardly wait. After 3 years of having him around ALL the time. It will be very hard to not get to see him til March!!

So, hope all the rest of you are doing great!


Rochelle Brunson said...

That does sound crazy, but it'll be good for him to work! Good luck with everything until you are able to get there in march.

Dawny said...

Work is a good thing! We are so glad,we want things to start going well for your you can be in a home with just your family,not having to share with someone else. We will miss you when you move to Vegas(Henderson) but we think it is the best for you and your family!!