Saturday, March 7, 2009

Rae's fun in St. George!

Rae has been spending the last 2 weeks in St. George with her other Mom Della. They went Quading and Rae had so much fun, she got to ride a small one by herself and a big one with Bill (step dad).

Here she is all by herself!!

This is her with Bill!

Bill and her again!

This is Rae and her cousin Kaden, he also went quading with them!

Aside from that they went rock climbing, she got all the way to the top too. She is so afraid of heights I was shocked that she made it all the way!!

Here she is getting all the gear on to head up the rock.

On her way up the rock, lookin good!

Almost to the top, she did such a good job!!

On her way down, she said that was the funnest part!

We are so happy to have her home now. She was greatly missed!! Hopefully when we get our home sold and we move to Nevada we won't have to do the gone for 2 weeks at a time thing!


Anngee and Shane said...

That's great, I'm glad she had a good time. Although I'm sure she had fun I bet she is glad to be home.

Dawny said...

I'm so glad she had fun. At the same time I'm sad, cause she was here for 2 weeks,and we didn't get to see her. Maybe next time.