Friday, March 20, 2009

Rae's Big Day!

So today was the day of Rae's Assembly, I told her I had a Dr. appointment and that's why the kids were going to Anngee's ( thanks Anngee!!). I arrived at the school early so I could get a good spot, that girl is just to observant, she spotted me the second she walked in the door! She didn't know what was going on though, she just looked at me with a puzzled expression. She received a Certificate and a note form her teacher explaining why she deserved the award. She also got a pencil, water bottle, and a gift card to Del Taco!

We are so very proud of our little Rae, she has become such an extraordinary young women and I'm sure she will continue to astound us though the years!


hippyrochelle said...

Good for Rae! I couldn't watch the video because apparently its private, but congraggies anyway.

Anngee and Shane said...

I agree, I think you have a lot more in store from Rae. She is a very special girl.

Dawny said...

Rae is so special. Tell her we love her and are so proud of her accomplishments. You better have a big box to put all her certificates and awards in, cause she's been doing so good and has already got alot of them, who knows how many more are in store for her.