Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Busy Weekend ahead of us!!

So, Jesse and I have decided to still go to St. George this weekend after Grandma's Memorial. We will leave after Jesse gets home from work on Saturday, his annoying boss is making them work 5-10 hour days, 8 hours on Saturday and, 6 hours on Sunday. I think they can survive one day without him! The money will be nice, but I never get to see him, and when I do he's asleep! Anyway, Jesse's sister Sadie is getting ready to go back to California and we are going to see her one last time before she goes. Momma said we could stay at her house, while she is here, and she will stay at our house while we are there! Some nice warm weather will be nice too.

I am excited to get to see Rochelle for a little bit, and the rest of her cute family. I am also excited to see other people from Dad's side of the family too. It seems like we only see each other when something bad has happened, we need to change that!! Anyway my life is pretty boring so that's about all I have for right now!


hippyrochelle said...

Cute new pics. Little Jesse doesn't look so evil this time! See ya in a couple days!

beggertsen said...

very cute pics, I love logen's hair.

hippyrochelle said...

go to www.sitemeter.com on the left hand side there is a basic tour which shows you what the free version does, and just sign up. Its cool.