Friday, June 5, 2009

Payton's First Field Trip

So on June 1st was Payton's first field trip, she was so excited to get to go on a bus. We went to the Hogal Zoo! I haven't been there sense I was 13 so I knew I was going to get get lost, I figured I would just follow the buses. I decided I needed someone to come with me just in case so I called Britteny and asked her if she wanted to come and bring Soren and Alex. After I went and picked her up all the buses had already left, so I hauled ass to try to catch up, when we found 3 buses we figured that was them. I was ahead of them when I realized I had no clue where I was going, so I tried to slow down to get behind them. Didn't work, then all the sudden they turn on a street that didn't look like it was the right way. So I flipped a hooker and followed them the rest of the way, turns out it wasn't Payton's bus and she was already inside. It took us about 20 minutes to find her and then they told me she had to stay with the group she couldn't come with me!! I waited til her back was turned and Britt and I ran with the kids! Here are some pics! Enjoy!!

Payton compared to a chimp!



And Alex!

Giraffe, the first animal we came across.

Some guy came by on a golf cart, it was more interesting then the animals.


I like to move it, move it!! The Lemar

Zebra, They are so cute..

This elephant would through this chair and then go pick it up and though it again, it was hilarious!


Rochelle said...

So I'm confused, you took payton away from her school group? And if so was her teacher freaking out that she got kidnapped? I don't get it. But I miss taking the kids to the zoo, we might have to do that when we are in town!

Kimi said...

All the kids were sperated into groups of 5. i had aleady talked to he teacher about it and she said it was fine when i got there that i could take her. The persone who was in charge of the group she was in still told me no. So me and Britt took her anyway cause the teacher knew she would be with me and I didn't care what the other lady thought!

Anngee and Shane said...

I love the zoo, I want to go soon. We always try to go at least once each year. Brit told me it is the Madagascar theme which my little Boo loves. Glad they had a good time!

Aaron and Angela said...

I want to take my kids up there so bad. Hopefully we will get to go this summer. Looks like ya'll had fun!

beggertsen said...

I forgot to comment on this one, We had fun, thanks for taking us Kimi.