Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Time 4 a hair cut!!

My Logen has some very weird hair, you know what I mean Chelle, Dexy is the same way. We decided a while ago to let Logens hair grow out to see how it would look. I loved it I thought he looked so cute with his hair long, and it was a lot easier to mange that way too. Well it so long it started to hang in his eyes and it was bugging him so I tried to give him a trim. A little around the ears and by his eyes. Not a good idea, he would not hold still and we had some issues. Needless to say I decided just do buzz it!

Here is the before, Left side!


and, Right side.

Here is the after shot, he was not happy with me. The sound of the razor sacred him and he cried the whole time.

I don't think he likes it!


Rochelle said...

oh, that's so sad, his long hair was soooo cute! That is how i felt cutting Dex's hair. I loved it long and didn't want to buzz it, but he wouldn't hold still for trims and it was too hard.
Logen is still adorable, even with buzzed hair, but he looks a lot different!

Aaron and Angela said...

Ben and Jacob both scream when we pull out the hair clippers. We cut it really short so we don't have to do it as often!

Anngee and Shane said...

He is a cutie no matter what! He definetely looks older though.

beggertsen said...

Oh sad, I loved his skater hair. Doesn't it suck when they get old enought that you feel like you have to cut it off. I loved alex's curly locks and since we cut it off it wont grow back curly, that is when you know it was baby hair and you will never see it again, so sad.