Thursday, May 14, 2009

Not much going on!

This is what I got for Mothers Day from my sweetheart Rae. She goes to this thing called Achievement's every Wednesday. They had planned a Mother & Daughter Tea Party for Mothers Day. I think she made this the Wed before Mothers Day, our Tea Party was yesterday!

This is the little tag that was attached, I thought it was very sweet.

On the back. It almost made me cry, but we were in public, so I tried not to! They had sent home little questionaire for the moms and the girls to fill out separately, about each other. The game was to see who had the most answers right. We scored 6 out of 10. It was awesome to go with her, I had so much fun, I love my little Rae!

For Mothers Day I had asked for a Cedar Chest, not realizing how freakin expansive they are. 275 dollars!!!! That won't be coming any time soon. Jesse made me breakfast in the morning, we all went out to lunch together, and Jesse & the kids made me Spaghetti for Dinner, it was a wonderful day!

On another note, Rae went to St. George today with Della. She will come back on the 20th when Jess's bro, sis in law & mom are coming to Salt Lake to spend the weekend. It is Jesse's nephew Kyle's 3rd Birthday & they are taking him on the Heber Valley Rail Road. They are going to have a Locomotive that looks just like Thomas the Train! Then we are all going to Lagoon on a 2 day pass Sat & Sun. It will be tons of fun & we can hardly wait for them to come!!


Anngee and Shane said...

Sounds like a lot of fun things on the horizon. That is a great present from Rae, glad you had a good time!

hippyrochelle said...

How sweet, I got breakfast in bed on mother's day too!