Wednesday, April 22, 2009


So we, or should I say I, came up with a name for our puppy. Her name is Saber, she is such a good puppy and the kids just love her. She loves to play and run as fast as she can, she follow the kids everywhere they go!

So far her favorite toys are a tennis ball and a rope, we tried to play Frisbee, she wasn't very into it!

I was taking the girls to school the other day and saw a cute little dog house in a front yard for only 10 bucks. After I dropped them off I went back and bought it, I think it was a pretty good buy!

Jesse and Logen have fun in it too. Saber sleeps in it every night, I'm glad she likes it to.

Jesse and Logen are outside with her almost every day, she just follows them around and seems very content with just their company.

It amazing how gentle she is with the kids, she makes sure she doesn't get them with her teeth. She doesn't jump on them or try to knock them over. Jesse plays with her with that rope for hours and she does really good.

The girls aren't out there nearly as much as the boys, well I should Rae's not out there as much. She was kind of scared of her at first, until we let her know she was the same kind as Grandma Erickson's dog Billy. She likes her much better now!!

Payton absolutely loves Saber, and it goes both ways I think Saber loves Payton just as much. She tries to climb the tree when Payton does, it's way cute, they are best friends!! I think she makes a perfect addition to our family!!


hippyrochelle said...

I like that name! It's super cute. I'm glad she is fitting in well with your family.

H.L. said...

She is so cute. Where is the story behind her name

Anngee and Shane said...

That was a steal on the doghouse! She is a good puppy.

Dawny said...

Hey, that's the same name as on pupz on facebook, good name. I'm glad she fits in so good with your family.

beggertsen said...

cute name Kimi, I am glad she is fitting right in.