Monday, April 13, 2009

Some Easter Fun!!

Well technically we had our first Easter in St. George with Jesse family. Shirlene had bought a lot of stuff and we had a egg hunt outside with them.

The girls got cute little Easter hats!

The boys got cute little Fireman Hats, Logen the little bugger wouldn't wear his!!

Because the kids got so much stuff there, we weren't going to go all out at home. We had a fun little egg hunt at home and some candy from the Easter Bunny. I made some Deviled eggs for the first time and I think they turned out pretty good!

Logen found this egg and knew it wasn't his name on it so he left it there.

Then he found one of his and was a little to scared to stand on the table to get it, even though we were going to let him!!

Here is Jesse with the most noticeable egg, that took him forever to find!

Then Britteny called and invited us to a HUGE egg hunt at the park with the Eggertsen Family, an then go to Suzan's for dinner!

At the park, I have never seen so many eggs in all my life, the kids had so much fun. Now we have eggs all over the house and more candy then we know what to do with!!

Soren just loves her Uncle Jesse!! Everyone was doing other stuff to get ready for the hunt, and she just went up to him and let him hold her, it was so sweet!!

Anngee Brax and Boo were their too, Shane was sick so he stayed home. We all went to the Eggertsen house to eat and the food was great!! Suzan's friend Kathy had made a ton of really yummy food and it was fun to see all the kids playing together. All in all we had a much better Easter then we had planned, Thanks so much Britteny for letting us in on your family fun!!!


hippyrochelle said...

wow, sounds like a fun-filled day!

beggertsen said...

I am glad you guys had fun. That pic of Jesse and Soren is super cute.