Monday, September 22, 2008

I was tagged!

I am: really not good at this kinda thing
I have: the best hubby in the world
I have no idea: i am doing this
I Am: missing my husband
I Think: i should feed my kids
I Know: mark is crazy
I Want: to sell my house
I Have: isn't this on here twice? a great family
I Dislike: a bad attitude
I Miss: my HUBBY
I Fear: being alone
I Feel: like sleeping
I Smell: pop tarts cooking
I Crave: some chocolate
I Usually: talk toooo much!!
I Search: for cheap clothes for my fast growing kids
I Wonder: IF we will move
I Regret: to many things to name
I Love: my husband and kids
I Care: to much
I Always: have shoes on
I Worry: about jesse when hes gone
I Am Not: a quite person ;)
I Remember: almost everything
I Believe: everything is possible
I Dance: never
I Sing: in my head.
I Don't Always: get enough sleep
I Argue: not alot
I Write: not very good
I Win: there is nothing to win
I Lose: there is nothing to lose
I Wish: my hubby had a job in utah
I Listen: to what everyone had too say
I Don't Understand: why people fight
I Can Usually Be Found: wraped in a blankey
I Am Scared: of losing ANYONE in my family
I Need: to feed my kids
I Forget: why I started this.
I Am:going to post this now