Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Poor Baby!!

So yesterday I was getting all the kids ready for bed. Logen for some odd reason, dosen't like to take baths. He is scared of the water, he hates to be wet. So to give him a bath there had to be less then 5 inches of water. I can't put any water on his head, I have to use a washcloth. I had just got him all clean and went maybe 5 feet away to grab the towel, when he tried to get out himself. Our new tub is deeper then most so its kinda hard for the kids to get out on there own. Logen lifted up one leg and put it over the side of the tub, right as the other foot; still in the water; slipped. I grabbed his arm but his chin still hit the tub. I didn't notice anything til I was drying him off and saw the blood. He had split his chin open!! So I layed him down to see how bad it was. It was BAD! So I called Britteny and she watched my kids for me (thanks brit!) while I took Logen to the ER. He had too get 7 stiches in his chin. He did such a good job, I was scared becase they could give him anything to numb it. So me and the nurse held him and sang the ABC's while he was getting the stiches. I dont have any pics yet cause the put bandaids on it. As soon as I get some I'll post them. My poor boys, both taken to the ER in a metter of two weeks!!


Anngee and Shane said...

That sucks Kim! I've had kids fall before and get a goose egg on their head or fall on the wet floor but thank goodness no stitches. Hope he feels better soon!

hippyrochelle said...

sounds like you've had some bad luck lately. I hope he heals up okay. At least the doctors knew enough to give him stitches instead of sending you home just to find out later he now needs reconstructive surgery!