Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Photo Tag

So Britteny tagged me to do this post where I have to go a yahoo/google image search for pictures to go with my answers, so here it goes...

My Favorite Vacation---Lake Powell
I loved going to Lake Powell, we always had so much fun. I remember when Jeffery was there, he was like one years old. I love those memories!!

My Favorite Color---Baby Blue
I don't know why I like it so much. It has always been my fav. I find it very soothing!!

My Age---25
I dont really feel my age until I realize that I have four kids. I then I feel really old!

My Favorite Treat---Ferrero Rocher Chocolates
They are so good. It's making my mouth water right now, the way they melt in your mouth...yummm

My Favorit Food---Mac & Chesse
Im sure no one is supprised by this. My fav would have to be Stoffers. They make the best mac!!

The place I would like to travel most----Sweden
Jesse's family is from Sweden, it would be so cool to go and see where he is really from. It is also beautiful there!!

The Place I Grew Up---Midvale
I love midvale! Even if where I grew up is really ghetto now, I still love it. All of my most favorite memories are there in that house on Ivy Drive. I miss it!!

The place I live now---West Jordan
I relly like it here. Im so close to shopping and parks. I love the neighborhood I live in too. Everyone is so nice. I love coming home!!

My Last Name---Erickson
I love my last name! I am very proud of it. The Erickson's that Jesse is from have not been here long. He is only the 3rd generation of Erickson's here. He is realted to Leif Erickson. The true founder of America!!! I couldn't be more proud to be an Erickson.

My Middle Name---Joyce
I am named after my moms best friend, Joyce South. I don't know who this James Joyce is but his pic popped up the most. Most pepple don't have that as there middle name, I like that!!

My First Name--Kimberly
It use to bug me that it is so common. I got alot of nick names I didn't like, but alot I do too. Kimbo, kimby, Bimberly monster, dakimba matumbo, kimi. I also found out from Jesse's Family that he has told them sence he was little that he was going to marry someone named Kimberly. That makes me like it too. This is Kimberly Willams, she is marrited to Brad Paisley(if any of you know who that is) She is on Life with Jim I think it is called.

Something I use to Love--- Haunted Houses
Chelle and I use to go to one every year. It was so much fun getting to hang out and have the crap scared out of us. I miss that soo much!!!

My Favorite Animal---White Tigers
I have always loved these beautiful animals. I have a whole bunch of stuffed ones. I wish I could own one. But like that is ever going to happen. Ill just have to settle for looking at them.

So I think I am like the last one to do this so I don't know who to tag. I say Maxine cause you still haven't done it yet!!!


Anngee and Shane said...

I never would have guessed that baby blue is your favorite color. I have always wanted to go to Lake Powell but I never have, I hear it's gorgeous!

hippyrochelle said...

baby blue and mac and cheese, you are a wierdo! And you've never heard of james joyce, maybe you should watch jeopardy!j/k