Friday, October 30, 2009

A Good Time

So my oldest bro Teddy was in town for about a week or so and I wanted to get to see him. So me and Britteny, Shane Anngee and their kids went out to dinner with Ted on Tuesday. We went to this place called Davanza's, it was pretty good, I had never ate there but Jesse had ate the one in Park City and he recommended it. It was really good to see Teddy I miss him, and he is always good for a laugh!! As with all Floyd's, he hates his picture taken, so I just took one!

Love the look on Braxtons face, Hilarious!!!!

Afterwards Britteny and I were driving home and we were both still hungry, we had shared a pizza at dinner but it was much smaller then we thought it would be. So seems how I have never tried Britteny's favorite food, Southwestern Eggrolls from Chilli's, we went there. Being alone with Britt reminded me of how much I miss living with her, hanging out at home while Ray was at work, trying to teach Rayden how to crawl and Ryan to walk, talking about everything and anything!! It was so much fun and I am absolutely positive we will be doing it again some time soon!!

Britteny and I, with her adorable new hair cut!!

On our way out of Chilli's we got a call for Jesse, my little Kitty Sami had finally had her kittens.
So Britt came home with me so she could see the kittens.
So this is what we found, she had two cute little kittens. They were born on my brand new winter Jacket Britt had helped me pick out!! So we moved them to a better spot where the Momma could have more room to lay down.
Then in the morning this is what I found!!

She had moved the two kittens back to where she had them, and had given birth to another one!!

So we have 3 adorable little kittens now!!

They are so cute, it has been along time sense I have had newborn kittens in my home, like at least 15 years!!
BTW Britteny, make sure you call me and tell me what happens with you know what ( wink, wink)!!


Anngee and Shane said...

You shouldn't have put a pic of kitties Kim or I am going to want one. That is a super funny face that Brax made:)

Angela said...

Cute pics of the kittens! I haven't seen Ted in FOREVER

Jackson Family said...

Cute Kitty's. I'm glad you got to see Ted. I chatted with him a little bit on face book. He looks good.