Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Count... Dracula that is!!

So I decided to paint my window, it's not my best but I thought it turned out okay. I did notice that I put the Boo on backwards after I took the picture, it's fixed now.

We have been watching Britteny and Ray's cute little orange kitty for them, he is so freakin cute!

Cloe and Mow Mow get along pretty good now, he likes to follow her around and then attack her when she least expects it.


I have also been watching her kids to, well Soren and Alex anyway, the last pics I posted were of Alex so it is Soren's turn.
Isn't she so stinkin cute!!


Aaron and Angela said...

Cute window! My mom has a little orange kitten just like that - his name is Oliver.

Rochelle said...

awesome window, Scott is convinced its a sticker not paint!