Thursday, July 2, 2009


So as of late we have been trying to figure out which one a Jesse's trucks we wanted to keep. He has a red 93' Chevy ex-cab, 4x4 and a blue 84' 4x4. The 84 worked, but got horrible gas mileage. It is awesome to drive though, and Jesse's favorite one. Last year we traded vehicles with Jesse's ex-wife Della. She got the Status and we got the 93 truck. We have been slowly putting money into the 93' to try to get it running, Jesse has tore it apart and put it back together so many times I have lost count. The speedometer wouldn't work we replaced the speed sensers only to find out that wasn't what was causing the problem. Once we figured out it was some green board behind the glove box that had burned out Jesse attached a new wire to it and now that works, that was about $800. We had to replace the a-arms on the front of the truck was about $300, then the front and back windshields that ran us about $375. It still wouldn't start, we replaced the cap and rotters, plugs, wires, shocks, then we found this thing called a Ignition module, that did it, it was running, but wouldn't go into gear. Then some dude at Jesse's work has been begging him to let him buy the 84' from him, he finally gave into him and sold the 84' to him last week.

Jesse's 84' Chevy!!

The nice rims.

The clutch was out and needed to be replaced. That turned out to be $809, we replace some other things here and there, so that in all has come to ruffly $2,500 in all. We picked it up yesterday and it works, shocking I know!! Who knows for how long though. It still needs some work though, the door panels are in bad shape and the drivers seat isn't bolted down completely. So there is still work to be done but hopefully all the mechanical stuff is fixed, and this gives us another car that fits our whole family!


Dawny said...

Cool Kimi, I'm glad Jesse got it working. It's sad that it costs so much to fix things, but at least you have a second family vehicle. good for you guys.

Anngee and Shane said...

I'm glad things are working better. Car problems suck!