Monday, September 6, 2010

Vacation (sorry kinda long)

So We decided while the kids were off track we should go on a little Vacation. We called Jesse's brother Wesley and asked if we could come to Vegas and spend some time with him. We stopped by Mom and Dad's on the way ans spent the night with them and then headed off for Vegas! Wes had acquired a new boat recently and thought it would be fun to take it out, so we headed to Lake Mead! Jes has been there a million times but the kids and I hadn't been before, it was Payton, Jesse, and Logen's first time on a boat! I was surprised they did so well, here are some pics, Enjoy!

Pulling up to the Marina at the Lake.

We went to the side of the Hoover Dam so the kids could see the new bridge they just built it was so awesome!

We tied the boat off to both sides and let the kids play in the water in the shade. Wes climbed up on a rock and was gonna jump in but he got a little scared. He did eventually jump when our rope to the anchor broke! Payton and Jesse jumped right off, scared the hell out off me, it was their first time in a big body of water and they didn't even care.

Rae was a little scared of the boat at first, she was sitting in the back and it was a little rough back there. I made her come the front of the bow and sit with me, she loved it!

Wes, baby Jane and Rae!

Jesse an the kids, headed off to find a little beach to play at.

We saw this cool Tour Boat too!

I have never seen a catfish before let alone this close up! They were just hanging out at the dock waiting for people to feed them the kids loved that too!

So we hung out in Vegas for about 3 days then decided to go see the Grandparents in St. George. We went to the water park with Mom and Dad but the sprinkler thingy was closed. They have this little lazy river type thing so we went to that and let the kids play!

My adorable kidos soaking up the sun!

Logen did not want his picture taken, he was very mad at me!

Cooling off in the lazy river, Jesse was a little cold!

Logen did have a super fun time jumping off the rocks in to the water!
We had an awesome time and can't wait to get to go out as a family for Vacation again! The kids go back on track the day after Labor day and are in I think til November Break, so it may be a while ;)


beggertsen said...

looks like you guys had fun, my kids just spent the whole day in the pool, they have had a blast. Yay, back to school tomorrow.

Dawny said...

We enjoyed your visit,we hope you get to move back here soon!!(we wish your house would sell) We know Jesse's parents want you guys here too!!

Anngee and Shane said...

Looks like so much fun Kim! I miss boating so much:( The pics are great and I'm glad you guys had a chance to get away and have a great time together.

Hello! said...

I had been wondering if you were going to post again.

Glad to see that things are going so well for you guys.