Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hula Dance

So my girls were in their first performance for Hula. They were asked to perform for the Temple workers at the Temple Presidents house. I think they did a very good job for only working on it for 1 hour on Mondays for 5 weeks.

Poor Payton is so sick, she didn't want to miss the performance so we gave her some medicine and hoped she could make it though. You could tell near the end she was starting to fell bad again. The 85 degree weather I'm sure didn't help much either!

I could not believe how good Rae could move her hips!! I must say I was very impressed. =)


Anngee and Shane said...

They look so cute Kim, sick or not! Good job Rae and Peyton:)

Rochelle said...

Those are cute videos. Good job Girls.

Anonymous said...

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