Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Christmas Gift

So for Christmas all I wanted was some pictures of my kids, so my wondeful hubby went and had some taken for me, isn't he the best. So here they are, Enjoy!!!

The first one

The second one ( I liked this one the best)

My girls

My Boys





The girls have beautifully matching bows that Becky made for me. She came by with her family last night, saw the dresses and made bows for the girls and brought them by this morning. They matched perfectly and completed their outfits, Thanks so much Becky!!


Angela said...

Love the pics - your little guy looks so much like you.

Rochelle said...

Was it a surprise? cause if it was, Jesse did an amazing job on their hair!

Logen REALLY looks like you!

beggertsen said...

ditto Chelle, that is exactly what I was going to say. I have a feeling mom had something to do with it. Beautiful pics kimi!!

Maxine said...

So freaking cute. Love the matching outfits.

Anngee and Shane said...

They turned out great! Cute family:)

H.L. said...

They are so cute.

I was gonna say the same thing about the pics and the girls hair.

But maybe Gma helped?

Moormann Clan said...

What a great Christmas present. I love pictures. Merry Christmas!

Jackson Family said...

They are cute kids. Merry Christmas!

zinia said...

kids are really veryyyy cute...u r so much lucky..

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

Beautiful pictures.. Adorable kiddos!