Monday, January 19, 2009

10 Years Old!!!

My Rae is going to be 10 on February 1, 2009. I know this is a little early to be posting this, but I just wanted to show some pics of what she looked like when I first met her.

To look at this picture it so hard to believe that my girl is turning 10. This picture above is my first Mothers Day Present. We weren't married yet but Rae still called me Mom. I remember her coming in and handing me the picture, I loved it.

To give all of you a perspective, Rae was Boo's age when I met her. She still kinda talked funny, and had those big chubby cheeks.

I was terrified the first time I met her. It was our second date, and we were going out to breakfast at Denny's. This is something Jesse and Rae did every Sunday morning. I was scared she wouldn't like me. We went to Sandhallow before it was all filled with water, and she fell asleep. Later that day we went to the park and that was the first time she called me Mom. Also the first time Jesse kissed me!!

This one is after we were married I was 7 months prego with Payton at the time. This is my all time favorite picture of Rae. It is just so her!!
She asked to get her hair permed for her Birthday, so I will be taking her to get it done the Friday before her birthday(January 30). A loose one, not too curly. I will post some Pictures of her birthday in a few weeks. New hair and all.


Anngee and Shane said...

Those pics are sooo cute! I think I've seen those clothes somewhere...LOL! What a cutie she was and is. She really is a special girl, and a friend to everybody.

hippyrochelle said...

ten already?! Wow! Happy Birhtday Rae!

Dawny said...

Rae is a sweetheart, we love her so much. I can hardly wait for the B-day pictures.
I love what you did for my blog!! Thank you. We love you!