Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Stupid Qwest

Stupit Qwest pretty much explaines it. Not that much has happened lately. Rae's mother Della was here to pick he up the weekend before Thanksgiving. Jesse was playing around with Rion, Rae's little brother. Jesse screamed and was holding his arm. We figured he just spranged it. In the morning it was all swollen and looked weird. So I took him to the doctor, he had a hairline fracture in his wrist. He had to get three x-rays and only cried on one cause they bent it backwards. He was happy he got to pick out the color of is cast though.


beggertsen said...

That is so sad I hope his wrist heals quickly. poor little guy.

hippyrochelle said...

Poor little guy! I hope he heals fast. Nice to have you back online!