Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Payton's First Week Of School!!

So last week was Payton's first week of school, she was so excited. "Now I get to be just like Rae", she could hardly wait. That morning she got up early and got herself dressed and came into our room. It was 4:30 in the morning!! Needless to say she was REALLY excited.....How quickly that all changed......

Once we got there and she realized I wasn't going in with her, her attitude changed dramatically. "I don't want to go", "Mommy please don't leave me here". I finally got her to calm down and she went in. Everything was going great, til yesterday
She throw out all the stops, "What if you die on the way home I'll be left here forever", "I LOVE YOU", Please don't leave me". All the the while screaming at the top of her lungs. The principal comes out of the school and asks me if I will accompany her to her office. Payton still throwing a fit!! Mrs. Ward ( the principal) had taken it upon herself to bring a counselor into the room to try to calm her down. Oh no, that didn't work, she started to kick him. "Get away from me"
He looks and me and tells me to get up and leave, she will be fine. As I try to leave the room, Payton's crying "mommy don't leave me, don't you love me anymore?".......I couldn't leave, I turned around grabbed Payton from him and left, crying myself. I just couldn't leave her there like that.
Separation Anxiety Disorder is what they say she most likely has. We went and bought a book, The Kissing Hand By Audrey Penn. We read it last nigh and we are going to try the little secret that is in there and see if it works. Cross your fingers!!!!


hippyrochelle said...

Holy cow! Didn't she go to preschool without you for a while, I don't understand why she would flip out so much. That is crazy!! Good luck with you're little trick I hope it works out.

Anngee and Shane said...

You poor thing Kim! My worst nightmares that I thought about Braxton came true for you. Hope things get better!