Thursday, July 31, 2008

Our Life This Month

Rae and Payton started school this week, although Payton only went for one day. She will officialy start on August 5th. Rae has two teachers, Mrs. Schultz who has a breathing problem and can only teach for half a day. The other half is tought by Mrs. Vulluto, she says she really likes them. Paytons teacher is Mrs. Taintor and seemed very nice. Jesse boys thumb nail finally fell of this last week and his new one is going back in. He is sad that he dosen't get to go to school, I keep telling him two years and you can go. Logen has started to talk like crazy and has started to come out of this shy thing thats been going on. Jesse went to take his Union Test on the 17th, but he didn't pass ( missed by one ? ) Then on Tuesday the head dude at the Union Hall called him and told him he was a member anyway. He will leave for Vegas on the 6th. As for me i have had some issues with the whole tubes being tied thing. Iwas late so i took a test---negative---waited a week took another---positive.
So today I went and got a blood test---negative. So as it turns out I don't know what the hell is going on with me. I am calling Dr. Porter tomorrow for an appointment to try to figure it out.


hippyrochelle said...

good luck with the dr tomorrow. i am wondering if with a tubal pregnancy the test could come out negative, you might want to make sure when you call him.

Anngee and Shane said...

Things are a little crazy right now for you guys but I know things will all work out for you. Someone once said this to me, and whenever I'm having a hard time I always say it to myself. "This too shall pass..." Best of luck to you guys!